Awakening Camping Weekend Event

From Greg Grondin, NST Canada:
For the Mage players out there, London is hosting an Awakening Camping Weekend event in September!  It looks to be a good time and a good chance to get some Mage gaming in!
Details below.  Full details are available on the Cam Wiki:


When: 3pm Friday Sept 10 – 1pm Sunday Sept 12

Where: Bronte Creek Provincial Park

Map: You mean a map like this one here?

Cost: $15.00 per person for the weekend + $7.00 per car (for the weekend)

  • You are responsible for bringing your own tent, sleeping bag, and food.
  • Tents or space in tents may be available if arranged prior to the event. To requests Tents or space in, please do so here: Tent Space


OOC Note: The IC Location is Algonquin Provincial Park. Link here:

Cracks between this world and others, letting things in, letting things out. Dreams bombarded with images of faces, some crying out in pain, others laughing (at what you are unsure). Reality slipping out of control, Can you stop the world from spinning out of control? Would you be the saviour?

There seems to be more ghost activity on the weekend of September tenth through the twelfth. Why?

If you look hard enough, you might find a bauble or two of interest. Where they come from no one knows

  • more to come check back regularly


To register, please send an email to with the following.

Camarilla Number:
Coordinator Name and Email:
Character/s Name:

Please also include how you plan to make your payment for the weekend.
Due to the limited space, this will have to be on a first come first serve basis. We can book additional space, but to do so we must know well in advance, because of this we will be closing registration as of the 1st of September.

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