All Call for ANST Awakening

I’d like to start by thanking Alan Cameron for his work as ANST Awakening over the last year.  He’s gotten overwhelmed by real life issues and is stepping back from the ANST role at this time.

For those interested, I will be hiring a new ANST Awakening over the coming weeks.   Applications are due Midnight April 2nd.  This will be followed by a Q&A period the following week and hopefully a decision by April 10.

Please send all applications to with the following heading:  ANST Awakening Application– (your name).  Include in your application package a real life and Camarilla resume with three Camarilla references.  Also a required part of the resume package is a sample plot-kit and Venue VSS to show the vision that you have for the venue for which you are applying.  The goal is to get a good feel for your approach to the venue and I understand that the time constraint may affect the quality of the submitted plot and VSS and isn’t necessarily a reflection of what you would generate with enough time and effort.
Again, the deadline for applications is Saturday, April 2nd at 11:59pm EST.
Once all applications are in, I will be asking several questions to be considered and answered to determine your ability and willingness to work as a team, and to test your knowledge of the venue  and it’s rules.
The ANST: Awakening will be responsible for the overall running of the venue nation-wide. It will be this individuals responsible to work with the VST and DST’s of the various domains to enhance and enrich the national game. They will be responsible for high level approvals for the Awakening venue as well as the co-creation of a bi-annual proxy event in conjunction with the local domains.  They will work in conjunction with the ANST:DPoTM to create a realized Dark Places setting for Canada. It is also expected that they will work with the Global lead to help elevate the national game and communicate global plot opportunities and events down the chain so that players will have access to large scale global plot.  They are also responsible for working with the local Awakening CAiNE lead for our annual event and will be responsible for final say on national and global related plotlines.  In addition to these responsibilities you will work with the ANST’s of the other affiliates to hammer out future addenda as they pertain to Awakening and report to the ST’s once per month, by the 10th at the latest.
General Job Duties for all ANSTs include:
– ability to comment on approvals pending their level every 5-7 days.
– significant email access, including being on Global Venue lists
– working towards one proxy event per venue every six months to help promote a regional and national game
– aiding in helping to grow a universal regional and national game structure
– regular reporting.  We will be looking at a means to facilitate reporting (new templates, etc), but I would like to stress that I do feel reporting is important and that the national level storytellers need to lead by example.
Other desired qualities:
– recognize when you need help or need a break.  If something comes up (school, vacation, work, real life) that takes you from your duties for a period, recognize it and ask for help.  The office will not fall apart if you need a vacation and help can be had if you need it.  None of us aside from Leanne are superhuman.
– willingness to mentor.  We need to train up new blood and it would be nice if ANSTs could find an assistant or two to work with, bounce ideas off of or help edit their ideas.
– willingness to grow.  None of us are masters of everything, and knowing when to ask for advice or help can be the difference between a good ST, and a great ST in the making.
– I would ask that ANSTs not use their own characters to begin or drive National Plot forward in the venue they are leading.
– equal access to the office for all domains.  I would recommend that ANSTs keep their ANST hats at home when at local games to lessen the perception of easier access to the office by their local domain and to allow the ANST to enjoy the games as a player and to take the pressure of scrutiny off of local STs.

Want to be interviewed?

Lainn Goddard is looking for people interested in being interviewed on video during CAiNE 2011.  Interview topics could cover, your gaming history, how you create characters, costuming, etc.  If you are interested, contact him at

Social Media and the Camarilla Canada, a test project

Hey all,

So back in April, we came up with this idea to get our members into social media, and use it to help us recruit or spread interest in the Camarilla. WE theorized that if people use things like Facebook, Twitter, and foursquare (to name a few) the fact that they were attending Camarilla events, it might attract new members. To that end I’ve decided to try it out for the next 3 months, so here’s how it works.
All prestige earned from Social networking fits under the Communication and Web Design Category.  You can only earn a maximum of 15 open prestige/month for social networking.  For the 3 months this is in effect for, I’ll be compiling a list at the end of the month, and awarding the prestige there.  You only get 5 open/check in, meaning that you have to check in at 3 Camarilla events per month to get the full 15. Events can be games, domain socials, downtimes sessions, and the like (see MH for what a Camarilla event is).
You as a member Twitter/Foursquare/Facebook that you are either Going to a Camarilla LARP (if you don’t have a smartphone that does those applications) or that you are at (attending) a Camarilla LARP (if you have a smartphone that does it).
If you are using facebook be sure you are friends with the NC.  If you aren’t, look for David Fox-Procenko, and state that you are a member of the Canadian Camarilla.  Once thats done, you can post before or while you are at game that you are going to or are at a Camarilla LARP.

For example:

David Fox-Procenko At Toronto’s first Masquerade game.
July 25 at 6:55pm via Facebook for iPhone  · Comment · Like

So that’s not the best Example..  its ok, but if should say something like:

David Fox-Procenko At Toronto’s first Camarilla Masquerade LARP game.
July 25 at 6:55pm via Facebook for iPhone  · Comment · Like

If you are using twitter be sure to a hash tag like this: #Camarilla, #CamarillaCanada, and that you are Following @CamarillaCanada.

If you are using foursquare (or an app similar) you make sure to mention you are at a Camarilla LARP in comment field of the place you are checking in at (feel free to cross post it to twitter and or facebook).

David Fox-Procenko Camarilla Mage LARP
Staircase Theater
Fox just checked-in @ Staircase Theater (Hamilton, Ontario)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the NC’s office. I think I made this clear.

This runs from August 1- November 1, 2010.

FanExpo 2010 and the Camarilla!

Hello True Believers!

FanExpo 2010 is already fast approaching (August 27 – 29 inclusively, 2010) and the Camarilla Canada is holding 3 Recruitment-based LARPs (please check with the following STs to confirm continuity status and influence into the main chronicles!) Teaser information may and will change closer to the deadline but please see the following for an appetizer.

We will also be doing a CCG primer on Vampire – The Eternal Struggle and a core new World of Darkness tabletop game. Details to follow in another missive.

Lost: Saturday 12pm – 3pm
ST(s): David Fox, Jesse Etherton
The Marsh Lords have called across the country for enterprising Lost who seek fame, recognition, and their pick of tokens, trifles and Goblin Fruit. The Marsh Lords are seeking help in rebuilding and reclaiming the Commons of Regina from the ruins of what now remains after the demise of the Freehold. Those interested would be tasked in search and recover missions, combat operations against things that may be lurking, and also in restoring the goblin market economy and maybe even the Freehold itself!
Mage: Saturday 3:30pm – 6:30pm
ST(s): Randy Orenstein (fellow STs TBA)
A game of mystic knowledge and the price of power, Mage: The Awakening is one of The Toronto Camarilla’s most popular venues. What would you do if you had the power to change the world…but lived among others with that power or more? Will you fight the good fight for the benefit of humanity, or will you succumb to dark powers offering things beyond your wildest dreams? Will you be able to handle the ancient rites and glorious traditions or the Orders of the Pentacle, or will your life be another cautionary tale of power gone wrong?
Masquerade: Saturday 7pm – 10pm
ST(s): Guy Parks, Paul Fawkes
The first and most popular game from the Camarilla, Masquerade helped define the LARP scene in North America. Toronto’s game will be restarting soon, so now is your chance to take part in the classic game of intrigue among the courts of the vampire Princes. The Prince of the city has two very different childer, each jockeying their own goals and agenda, moving their peers like chess pieces in a game centuries long. Will you take advantage, will you choose a side, will you take your place in halls of power? Or will you be yet another pawn in this game of ancients?

Frank Marcelli

Awakening Camping Weekend Event

From Greg Grondin, NST Canada:
For the Mage players out there, London is hosting an Awakening Camping Weekend event in September!  It looks to be a good time and a good chance to get some Mage gaming in!
Details below.  Full details are available on the Cam Wiki:


When: 3pm Friday Sept 10 – 1pm Sunday Sept 12

Where: Bronte Creek Provincial Park

Map: You mean a map like this one here?

Cost: $15.00 per person for the weekend + $7.00 per car (for the weekend)

  • You are responsible for bringing your own tent, sleeping bag, and food.
  • Tents or space in tents may be available if arranged prior to the event. To requests Tents or space in, please do so here: Tent Space


OOC Note: The IC Location is Algonquin Provincial Park. Link here:

Cracks between this world and others, letting things in, letting things out. Dreams bombarded with images of faces, some crying out in pain, others laughing (at what you are unsure). Reality slipping out of control, Can you stop the world from spinning out of control? Would you be the saviour?

There seems to be more ghost activity on the weekend of September tenth through the twelfth. Why?

If you look hard enough, you might find a bauble or two of interest. Where they come from no one knows

  • more to come check back regularly


To register, please send an email to with the following.

Camarilla Number:
Coordinator Name and Email:
Character/s Name:

Please also include how you plan to make your payment for the weekend.
Due to the limited space, this will have to be on a first come first serve basis. We can book additional space, but to do so we must know well in advance, because of this we will be closing registration as of the 1st of September.

ICC Venues Style Sheets

Several people have asked about the ICC VSS, and I’m happy to announce
they are now posted to the Camarilla Wiki.

These VSSes may change occasionally base event such as addendum
releases so please check back occasionally.

Pre Registration for character will start on August 1st.

Requiem Addendum “Hot Fix” Posted

There has been an update to the Requiem Addendum posted Friday, April 24th. Check the Global Requiem addendum for changes. These apply to Canada as well and will be reflected in the Canadian addendum when it is next updated.

List Audits Underway

National Storyteller team is currently in the process of doing audits of the Canadian IC and OOC lists. Keep an eye out for posts on the various lists asking you to confirm your subscription.


Hi Folks,

I’d like to take a moment to introduce the new CCFC National Storyteller Team!

Alan Cameron (ANST Awakening)
Guillaume Parent-Ruest (ANST Forsaken)
Jean-Phillippe Marcotte (ANST Requiem)
Mitchell Smallman (ANST Lost)
Chris Duffield (ANST Masquerade/OWOD)
Michael Berthiaume (ANST Dark Places on the Map)
Mark Shessel (ANST Rules)
Darcey Kunigisky (PL Geist)

Please give these folks a bit of time to get situated, get their NDAs signed and their email accounts set up. Later this week, I’ll write a follow up post with the contact information for each ANST.

I’d like to thank the previous ANST team for all of their hard work and effort and thank all of the applicants who put their names in for the various ANST positions!

Membership Handbook Update group, Join us!

Hey all,

There is still time to join in on the revision and updates of the Canadian Membership handbook. If you are interested in doing so, please go to the link below: